Welcome to Virtu@l Dream Project

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This is an emulator of Sega Dreamcast. Open Source in GPL terms.

hence you can download releases below, sources in tgz
0.0.1.a : click here to get it [137 kb]
0.0.1.b : click here to get it [484 kb]
0.0.1.c : http://vdream.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/vdream/
A working bios and flash rom : click here to download [1.04 Mb]

a screenshot in linux KDE 3.2.
screen shot of vdream

it is compilable and tested under linux MANDRAKE 10.0, GTK 1.2, GLIB 1.2, GLUT, SDL
It is still buggy...
Also tested with Windows, there are some problems with thread.
If you'd like to contact me, providing technical docs or even join the project, like programmer or doing reverse engineering... just email me.
my email : webmaster at bhe.fr replace "at" by @

Links :